Sunday, November 20, 2005

The big air show

As residents of this over-developed plot of sand -which I grudgingly adore-, we became accustomed to the succession of exhibitions that graces this town, infusing more hype and commerce if that is possible!

However, even while aware of the enormous economic benefits of this, I cannot but bitch how such events has became complete nuisance to residents, especially me.

To me, a big event like the Dubai 2005, the Ninth International Aerospace Exhibition which starts today means endless traffic jams, extra security at hotel entrances, fully booked restaurants, and a million other things I would gladly do without. The exhibition becomes a ready excuse for all you suppliers and service providers, who could not deliver because of the show, I fail to see why the Air Show has caused a printer cartridge shortage! The word even has it that the infamous Cyclone ladies raise their prices by 30-50% during the such exhibitions, to the delight of local companions.

I know that all big and thriving cities have a bustling convention trade, I have been in the Jarvis Center, Hanover Expo, Tokyo Dome, etc, but no where was the effect so overwhelming on the city as I see here, maybe I notice this because I live around, but I think that until they get the infrastructure sorted out, Dubai authorities should take a couple of years breather from the damn convention business!


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Mazen said...

Have you ever tried to catch a taxi during a convention? My brother and I were stranded at the GITEX for 2 hours on a Thursday night. And where were we going? To Sharjah!!! And why? Because we couldn't find a hotel room in Dubai. It took us an enormous amount of begging and we finally got there. 2 hours later.


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