Friday, March 10, 2006

Make a quilt out of these thoughts!

Wakeup call: A serious blow to ego and confidence gives a new lease on life, with clearer goals and less illusions, focus and purpose is restored.

Reunion: A homage trip to the East provide many moments of clarity, with few epiphanies thrown in for good measure. Domo Arrigato Gozaimashta Hakkai-san.

Defensive morons: I hate it when people think that any body criticizing his society is only concerned with his image in the west, rather than how the society is looking to him/her. There is a clear possibility that I actually care about this society's direction!

Haunting Past: I hate it when more than a year later, "moving on" is a daily struggle, even when others came and went.

Age: Yet another birthday passed, with more candles than I care to count, surprisingly, I feel fine, with no rush or urgency or any ticking biological clock.

Human weaknesses: This goddamned body lets me down every once in a while, and is less and les tolerant of the abuses I heap upon it. I cannot wait for the first bionic shop to open.

Calling: A thing to ponder on, am I destined to roam the business world, or should I walk away to write or create, in relative poverty, but possibly happier?

Home: Is becoming more and more a hypothetical place, even when I am paying for an apartment (at home) that I have no intention to ever live in. Maybe Mahmood Darwish was wrong for me, and my home(land) is my suitcase, and I am a traveller.

Senses: It is amazing how sensory signal reignite memories, the smell of fresh towels, a sip of purple Shiraz, the sound of hissing wind, all have attachments to certain people and places that flood back uninvited.


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Kickers said...

A belated happy birthday to you! I did not know men had biological clocks.

I've also come to realize that I must put to rest the poems and songs and fairytales that tell me what is my homeland. I don't feel a home any where, I have a hard time understanding how others can feel "home." I only know where I am happiest and where I am least happy.

That does not mean I do not care for the cause. I do strongly. I just do not think it has to be mine to fight for it.

I am always talking about myself on this blog- I suppose I am seeking affirmation that my expereinces are not so odd? And I think you share them too?

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Desert Pundit said...


Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had it in a very snowy night in Tokyo, it was fun.

I think we share the same view regarding home, maybe I've been a bit more nomadic, but the feeling is the same.

I agree, we share externalising our rage through blogs, with a bit of self-indulgent banter, symptoms of the me-generation :-) I plead guilty.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Kickers said...

You're right. Al-Jazeera alone was a feat. Where was it filmed, do you know?

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Kickers said...

Oh, and I was on Al-Jazeera once, too!

Seven or so years ago. It was filmed in DC. It was about deaf and hard-of-hearing Arabs at Gallaudet University. I never saw it myself. They aired it the same day I flew in to Amman. And I arrive at the airport, and there's no one there to pick me up. So I call home and the line was busy for over an hour. Turns out, my family had been too busy watching me on Al-Jazeera and calling all their friends to let them know that I was on TV... they forgot to pick me up!

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Desert Pundit said...

Mmm, so you've been on Al Jazeera, that must have been something. I have not been myself, I was badmouthed on it on account of an article that I wrote. My dad is on Al Jazeera couple of times a week, thats how I see him nowadays!

Dr. Wafa Sultan participated via link from LA. Here is the transcript


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