Friday, January 20, 2006

Quick post from snowy Tokyo!

It is snowing heavily in Tokyo, while Tokyo is usually very cold in the winter (Same average tempeture as Stockholm), snow is quite unusual.

My laptop is refusing to work from the same freespot that I used earlier, so I am using am internet cafe until I remedies the situation. That also means that pictures have to wait, I spent over an hour handling the pics to make them blog ready, and that have to be frozen for now.

On thursday night, I went out in Roppongi, and I had a very wild time, but it took me 36 hours to recover, and my bank account might never do. :-(

Friday, I went to pay a visit to the Imperial Palace, and the close-by Yaskuni Shrine, the center of controversy between Japan and neighboring countries, because the shrine is dedicated to all Japanese war dead, including the convicted war criminals.

Friday night I met an old friend, Kiyomi (Kim to her friends) and her 9 months old baby, I visited her apartment (much bigger than mine in Dubai) and we went on an increasingly desperate quest to find a Japanese restaurant with vacant table on friday night. After 13 trials, we struck gold in the 14th place, a traditional Japanese Izakaya, the food and the drink was marvellous. After a wondeful catching up session and a great meal, it was time to go back. For about 10 seconds I considered going out again, but the cooler bald head prevailed.

Tonight I am meeting another old friend and we are going out together later, I think I have the energy for another bender!

I will try to find a way to post the pics very soon.


At 2:55 AM, Blogger DareDevil said...

I wish to visit Japan one day :) take care


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