Thursday, December 15, 2005

Seeing broken Flowers

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a chance to see Broken Flowers, a flim by iconoclast director Jim Jarmusch, playing as part of the Dubai International Film Festival, the experience was absolutely worth staying up past the 23:30 start time of the film!

The film, starring Bill Murray, incorporates Jarmusch usual theme of a journey undertaken at a critical time in the subject life. Murray is such a great actor that he does not need lots of dialogue to express himself, his deadpan stare and expressionless face are absolutely priceless!

I highly recommend the film, it is a great antidote to the usual Hollywood fluff, and it is quite funny to boot!

Also, I want to note that I was really impressed by the organisation of the festival, and the cheap tickets encouraging people to attend world class cinema, well done people, I am sure that in the near future this will be an important festival on the world circuit, especially if they keep this level of organization and good films.


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