Sunday, November 27, 2005

The earth did not move and I did not have cigaratte afterwards!

I know that the title sounds like my typical Thursday night date, but bear with me a bit ….

Utter panic and pandemonium, hordes of frightened residents running in all direction, buildings shaking so hard that bird-flu infected dead pigeons are raining from the sky! Speed cameras flashing at stalled traffic catching Jumeira Janes in a bad hair day! Punters leaving 5 star restaurants in hotel towers without having to pay for the Lobster and the single malt whiskey!

It sounds fun, unfortunately, it did not happen in Dubai! There was a 5.9 earthquake in Bandar Abbas, Iran, over 140 KM away, we got a mild tremor here that barely registered, and everybody is blowing the whole f--ing thing way out of proportion. Radio is talking about people who will camp outside for the night (who should be thankful that they are not in Pakistani side of Kashmir), mass evacuations and people falling off chairs.

People, if you put down your crack pipe a little bit, you will discover that it was no big deal, yes, nature can affect Dubai, accept it, improve your taste in shoes, and move on!


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