Thursday, July 27, 2006

Leaving for holy Land!

Later tonight I will be leaving Dubai to go to Ramallah with brief stop in Jordan, it has been 13 months since I've last visited Palestine, and while I do not miss conflict or the daily grind, I miss the land and the people, they just have that effect on you.

Hopefully I will be able to post from Amman and Ramallah, the trick is to say something interesting.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mad world!

I am not referring to the Tears for Fears song, I am referring to the my region, people usually complain about my harsh criticism of the Arab reality, they should eat their words right now.

I do not know where to start, as with most people in the region I have been subjected to the distant trauma (compared to far more real direct trauma) of watching the events unfold in Gaza and now Lebanon.

I have never supported the forces of hate and dogma in my society, but the sheer hatred and vindictiveness of Israeli state, supported by its population, that justifies killing hundred of innocent civilians, make me full with loathing for our "neighbor's". They have invested in the myth of their army morality and the righteousness of revenge to a dehumanizing degree, the blood of 'goyim' does not count, only Jewish victims count. Right now I cannot even imagine the term 'peaceful co-existence", right now this mean that they happily co-exist with our corpses.

A lot has been written about the Iranian and the Syrian interference and how these two states are happy to divert attention from them for the price of Palestinian and Lebanese blood. My 10 cents worth: blood begets blood, unleashing hell in Palestine and Lebanon will transpose itself to Damascus and Tehran, and when it does, nobody will lend a hand, the region has had enough despots and adventurers. You have two dictatorial regimes inflicting damage ontwo democratic societies, all in the name of helping resistance.

As a Palestinian, I consider armed resistance useful as long it can lead to a political goal that is an independent state. The realities of the region has made resistance obsolete and counter productive since 1991, just no body bothered to tell that to many elements of my society. The use of suicide bombers (a Hezbollah export) has tinged the whole Palestinian struggle with terrorism and helped set back our national goals by many years. It seemed that the political Islam forces were more invested in perpetuating the clash of the civilization than winning it, and as news report suggest, somebody like the current Iranian President believes that victory lies in inducing doomsday, I can say no more.

Again, I am sad, angry, agitated, this summer of discontent is becoming the summer of slaughter.