Saturday, June 03, 2006

Back from the (near) dead!

I am finally back to posting after a hiatus of almost two months, as I fell sick and my new job has taken all the time I could spare, so all my energies were focused on that.

A lot has happened in the past two months, a family member got engaged, to be married very soon, so I have to travel home for the ceremony, some friends are leaving the country, others settling here. An uncle of mine came here with the intention of setting up shop in the UAE and leaving his business in Palestine, a very depressing thought.

I also got to go and see Chicago the Musical, which was swell, it was refreshing to see this amusing tale of notoriety and infidelity displayed in all its "glory", fishnets and all.

Yesterday I made the mistake of going to see the Da Vinci Code, I should listen to critics more, as I will never get those two hours plus back, all I can say that it was a one dimentional performance, shame.

I am back to my posting schedule, so I will be posting again by the middle of the week.



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