Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A series of unfortunate events

Last week has bee rather eventful, all but one of the sad kind, and they had an adverse effect on my outlook and disposition.

The massacre on the beach in Gaza: I could not help but tear up at the sight of Huda Ghalia, the 11 years old girl that lost almost all of her family, their only crime was being Palestinian and imagining that they are entitled to a family picnic on the beach. The Israeli shells sought to end that transgression, to the result we all saw. My dad have met the girl in Gaza City 3 days ago and told me that she is totally dazed and lucid, very sad indeed.

The death of Zarqawi was the only positive development of the week, while it is not right to celebrate a state sanctioned murder, if anybody deserved it, that murderer did. I am against the American occupation of Iraq, but if Zarqawi is the alternative, I never want the Americans to leave. His victims were mostly innocent Iraqis, and his takfiri discourse is the most dangerous element in the Iraqi swamp. I will shed no tears on account of this zealot, I actually had a toast to the F16 that caught the bastard, even that I felt bad about it afterwards.

The shameful chaos and internal fighting in Palestine is driving me into depression, insane acts as torching the parliament building, shooting at a security HQ, firing those idiotic rockets at Israel that bring back ample death, the media war, the people left without salaries, the desperation, the Israeli pleasure at our situation, I could go on for ever, I am just sick of it. I am actually dreading my trip back to Ramallah in late July.

I will post again when I am in slight better state of mind.



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